A Story of Transforming Grace


 Author. Speaker. Life Coach. 

A note from Cherrie:

Welcome COVERED Girl! Yes, YOU! The brave one whose earthly days and powerful purpose were established in the heavens before you took your first breath! You may not feel courageous as you approach the stormy places in your heart. But here you are…and I applaud you! Don’t be afraid, my dear girl! You were created for such a time as this. Wherever you are on your journey, just kicking the tires and exploring the claims of Christianity, new to the faith-walk, or a long-time follower of Jesus, my hope is that you will adjust the lens from which you view your stormy seasons and discover the One still speaks to storms and commands them, “Peace! Be still!” And may you find, my fiercely loved sister, though the storms should continue to rage, in Jesus you are COVERED.

Cherrie is passionate about intimately connecting with her audience as she shares the story of her personal hurricane and the devastation that rocked her family in the aftermath of their exodus from an Amish-flavored community. As Cherrie shares her journey from paralyzing pain to powerful purpose with warmth, candor, and humor, we too can experience hope in our own stormy seasons.

Cherrie spent seven years with Ernst & Young where she held a variety of roles, including Onboarding Specialist and was twice awarded the annual Top Tier Instructor Award for Welcome to EY Firm-wide Orientation. Additionally, Cherrie was employed as the Director of Human Resources at South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center and as a Recruiter in the Oil & Gas Industry. Cherrie now writes, speaks and ministers to women full-time. Her favorite thing to do is make heart-to-heart connections whether in a one-on-one, through the written word or sharing with an audience at an event, which is “just having a cup of coffee with a large group of friends all at one time!”

Cherrie is married to Mack, her partner in tackling the joys and challenges of maintaining a thriving relationship and loving their beautifully imperfect, blended family. Together, they are the parents of five gifted young adults, five beautiful grandchildren, and their sweet lab, Sadie Bleu. Cherrie gets excited about her first morning cup of coffee, studying her Bible, working out, Friday night dates with her Mack and girls weekends.

Don’t Waste Your Hurricane.

Mark 4:39